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OEY-3 Solved Assignment 2024

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OEY-3 Solved Assignment 2024 for January 2024 and July 2024 Session 




Assignment -3

(To be done after studying the course material)

Course Code: OEY 003

Assignment Code: OEY-003/TMA/2024

Maximum Marks: 100


1. In any question, whenever we ask you to suggest an activity we expect you to give one other than those covered in the units.

2. For any question worth 5 marks the word limit is 200 words, for a 10 mark question it is 350 words, and for a 15 mark question it is 500 words.

3. All questions are compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1 Describe the energy conservation opportunities for residential and commercial application. 10

Q.2 Explain the methods of Energy Audit with suitable examples. 10

Q.3 a) Explain the utility and features of the energy audit equipment used for the measurement of electrical parameters. 05

b) Explain the working principle of thermocouples. 05

Q.4 A co-generation plant installation is expected to reduce a company’s annual energy bill by Rs.24 lakhs. If the capital cost of the new cogeneration installation is Rs.90 lakhs and the annual maintenance and operating costs are Rs. 6 lakhs, what will be the expected payback period for the project? 10

Q.5 Classify the energy conservation measures applicable in steel industry. 10

Q.6 Explain in brief Energy efficiency versus Energy conservation. Write step wise procedure to calculate Boiler efficiency. 10

Q.7 A three phase induction 75 kW motor operates at 55 kW. The measured voltage is 415V and Current 80 amp. Calculate the power factor of the motor. 10

Q.8 The operating power factor during audit is 0.7. Total load connected is 180 kW. Determine the rating of power capacitors for improving the power factor to 0.9. 10

Q.9 Write short notes on any four of the following: 20

a) Sankey Diagram

b) Waste heat recovery

c) Combustion analyser

d) Rural energy planning

e) Renewable energy systems 


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