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BCOS-184 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23

 Free BCOS184 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23



Section – A 

Q.1 Explain the different models of E-commerce?

Q.2 What do you understand by Distributed Ledger Technology? Do you think it is revolutionizing the world? If so, how?

Q.3 State the various phases of the website development process. 

Q.4 What is Cyber Security? State its importance in today’s digitally connected world. 

Q.5 What are different types of apps in various domains and segments?

Section – B 

Q.6 State the various key elements of a business model.

Q.7 What are the requirements metrics of a payment system?

Q.8 Why is customer engagement and retention an important tool for an E-commerce business?

Q.9 Explain the process of encryption in Digital Signatures.

Q.10 What are the various advantages of E-services?

Section – C 

Q.11 Briefly comment on the following: 

a) “As compared to organised retailing, e-tailing is less expensive as it saves wages of salesmen and premises cost and maintenance.”

b) “Hackers have a lot to gain from successful data breaches.”

c) “Online presence helps in the expansion of the target market.”

d) “Security is a massive cause of concern when payments become digital in nature.” 

Q.12 Distinguish between the following: 

a) Private Labelling and White Labelling

b) E-Government and E-Governance

c) Hacking and Identity Theft

d) Advantages and Disadvantages of E-tailing for buyers 

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