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BCOS-186 Solved Assignment English Medium 2023-24

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BCOS-186 Solved Assignment English Medium 2023-24 for July 2023 and January 2024 Session

Sixth Semester ASSIGNMENT 2023-2024

Valid from 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024






COURSE TITLE : Personal Selling and Salesmanship




Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt all the questions.

Section – A

Q. 1 Define sales process. What are the steps involved in the sales process? Discuss. (10)

Q. 2 What are the different closing techniques that can be used by a salesperson to close the sales? Explain any three which  according to you are most effective in B2B selling. (10)

Q. 3 Watch a sales presentation online or in person, evaluate the salesperson's engagement, product communication, objection handling, and closing skills. Provide constructive feedback on strengths and suggest improvements. (10)

Q. 4 Suggest why would the use of personal selling be more appropriate for selling the following products:

(i) Ultrasound machines

(ii) Customized business software (10)

Q. 5 Imagine you discover that a competitor is providing inaccurate information about their product to potential clients. Describe a specific ethical strategy you would employ to address this situation while maintaining the integrity of your own sales approach. (10)

Section – B

Q. 6 Draw the format of Sales Work Plan Report, Expense Report and explain the meaning along with the examples. (6)

Q. 7 How income expectations influence a buyer’s behavior. Illustrate with the help of an example.

Q. 8 Describe the steps the sales manager must undertake to arrange training for the company’s sales force. (6)

Q. 9 “Listening skill is the most important skill required to become a successful salesperson”. Explain. (6)

Q.10 Discuss why a college graduate should choose Sales as a starting point of his/ her professional career. (6)

Section – C

Q.11 Write short notes on the following: (5×2)

(a) Evolution of sales management

(b) Buying motives

Q.12 Differentiate between the following: (5×2)

(a) Creative salesmanship and competitive salesmanship

(b) Selling and marketing


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