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BEGAE-182 Solved Assignment 2022-23

Free BEGAE-182 Solved Assignment 2022-23 for July 2022 and January 2023 Session



Answer all questions 

Section A 

1. Write short notes on any four (150 words): 

a) Verbal Communication

b) Essentials of a Good Group Discussion

c) Characteristics of a Good Communication

d) Homonyms and Homophones (with suitable examples)

e) Preferred techniques of Reading for understanding a text. 

Section B 

1. An International Conference is being organized by your institute. There are participants from different parts of the world. You happen to meet one such participant from London. Write a series of 8 (eight) dialogues exchanged between the two of you introducing yourself, your country and the socio-political situation of your countries during Pandemic. 

2. Make a presentation on the topic (any one). 

(i) Online Education

(ii) Education during Pandemic

(iii) Effect of Pollution on Health

(iv) Global Warming

Section C 

1. How can one be an active participant in a meeting? Discuss some of the etiquettes that must be followed while attending a meeting. 

2. List three recommendations on how a meeting should end and what should happen after a meeting. 

3. Distinguish between ‘Silent Reading’ and ‘Reading aloud’. Also explain the two techniques of reading needed for the proper understanding of a text. 

4. Explain the importance of shared assumptions between writer and reader. 

5. What is meant by efficient Reading? What are the characteristics of reading? 

6. A group of four students have been given the following topic for group discussion (any one)

(a) Climate Change

(b) Health & Pandemic

Write out the discussion giving at least 3 turns to each student.

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