Recents in Beach

I cannot touch The shadow of your wing. I will be born again and again. As a devil, A ghost, As Kali, And Isaki.

 I cannot touch 

    The shadow of your wing. 

    I will be born again and again.

    As a devil, 

    A ghost, 

    As Kali, 

    And Isaki.

The port mentions certain gods in this poem. Shiva, Kali, Isaki, as will as the devil and the ghost. BEGC 132 Free Solved Assignment

Both Shiva and Kali are known for their power of destruction. We have to remember the association of the ‘cobra ‘with the god Shiva as well.

The pact dissociates the ‘cobra ‘from Shiva and uses it as a medium of protest whereas ‘Denying Shiva “might signify his denial of mainstream cultural and religious narratives.

He also uses god Isaki (not part of the Hindu pantheon) and local deities to bring in the marginalized narratives. The port uses the symbol of the kite to signify the freedom of the oppressor.

The oppressed care not even touch the shadow of the kite which is flying freely in the sky,

The port says the kite is flying away not only because it is free but because it is afraid of the revenge of the oppressed.

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